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 SOFIDE Building
2nd Level Local 231
D. R. of the Congo
Phone : +243 81 555 06 03
            +243 81 810 43 80


Rapid Deployment GSM Site 5-6

Bihati has identified serious need for Rapid Deployment GSM site solutions which don't compromise on performance or quality on site, whilst meeting the demand to deploy rapidly and overcoming the logistical problem of transporting bulky foundation materials in difficult terrain. In response to this need, Bihati developed the COBRA,™ a unique GSM Site solution that requires no concrete or rebar in the foundations. Normally this would leave an unsuitable surface for containers and generators, but Bihati has used a steel grating to provide a suitable wo ing platform.

Features include :

•  Reduced logistical implications with respect to material availability on site.
•  Direct cost savings :
    - Reduced transport costs to site
    - No concrete
    - Site personnel spend less time on site
•  Significantly reduced time to on-air revenue stream.
•  Reduced risk as a result of in-country ease of foundation installation.
•  Optional V-Sat portal support






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